Saint Bride

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Noun1.Saint Bride - Irish abbess; a patron saint of Ireland (453-523)
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Saint Bride's Church (Dumfries) Limited is focussed on maintaining Greyfriars Church as a place of worship as well as restoring historical buildings.They are requesting PS103,000 against their PS250,976 project to renovate 47 Castle Street into four residential units.
Furious locals are at loggerheads as to whether their picturesque village is called Llansantffraid or Llansanffraid - which is Welsh for Church of Saint Bride.
This leads to one of the best sections of the book--how Brigit's popularity spread outside of Ireland to Scotland (Saint Bride), England, and even to Rome at the very time that the male leaders of the Irish church, the bishops of Armagh, commissioned hagiographers of their ancestral bishop Patrick to bring Brigit into the larger, male-dominated Irish church.