Saint Bridget

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Noun1.Saint Bridget - Irish abbess; a patron saint of Ireland (453-523)
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'The angel revealed to Saint Bridget: 'As a rose grows among thorns, so did the Blessed Virgin grows among tribulations.'
The presentation was participated by students from Marian Learning Center and Science High School, Colegio ng Lungsod ng Batangas, Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas, Casa Del Bambino Emmanuel Montessori, University of Batangas, Golden Gate Colleges, Batangas State University, Westmead International School, Sunhill Montessori Casa, Divine Child Academy, Batangas National High School, Saint Bridget College and Cristo Rey Institute for Career Development.
"Brigid and the Butter" is a child's version of a legend about the early life of Saint Bridget of Ireland, when she was only a child.
Through the ceremony on Sunday, Hesselblad became only the second Swedish saint in history, following in the footsteps of Saint Bridget in 1391.
A Mass of Christian burial will be held at Saint Bridget's Church, 80 Main Street, Manchester on Friday, January 23rd, at 10:30am.
Dear Saint Bridget of the Jones, please grant me the inspiration to come up with a novel concept, a box of Lion Bars to stir the imagination and, if all else fails, I'd appreciate some practical assistance.
While Saint Bridget hung washing on a sunbeam in spring, you dreamt of being a boy again with rod and golden worms.
Rebecca Krug's 'Natural Feeling and Unnatural Mothers: Herod the Great, The Life of Saint Bridget, and Chaucer's Clerk's Tale' is an examination of models of medieval parental and family life.
Driver provides some context for a single text in the second section of Douce 302, the so-called "Salutation to Saint Bridget." Driver demonstrates that "as history Audelay's Salutation to Saint Bridget ...
Saint Bridget's Porter is a beer that offers a bit more body and soul than you might expect from a standard porter, but that's just the way they roll in the Rocky Mountains, where this beauty is brewed.
Pontificates fly by in a jumble of Benedicts and Innocents, but some details stick in the memory: Saint Bridget of Sweden was canonized three times--in 1391, 1415 and 1417--once by each of the three prelates who simultaneously claimed the papal title during the Great Western Schism; Padre Pio was once visited by Satan disguised as Pope Saint Pius X.