Saint Emilion

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Noun1.Saint Emilion - full-bodied red wine from around the town of Saint Emilion in Bordeaux
red Bordeaux, claret - dry red Bordeaux or Bordeaux-like wine
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RICH REDS DOURTHE Reserve Montagne Saint Emilion 2014, France (PS11.
There is wine tasting to be enjoyed and port cities to explore, including Cadillac, Saint Emilion and Libourne.
At a wine tasting at Sofitel, wine connoisseur Tita Trillo of Titania Wines introduced a Saint Emilion Reserve Mouton Cadet, which will now be available in the Philippines.
I'd a bottle of Grand Cru Saint Emilion and reckoned why wait for the weekend?
Contract notice: Security system renewal of fire stations bercy and cour saint emilion.
Guests are then transported to the Bordeaux area, with a stop and lunch at Saint Emilion, to board the Mirabelle for a cruise along the River Garonne, the Gironde Estuary and the Dordogne River.
Yokoyama won two Grade 1 races in 2010 -- the Victoria Mile with Buena Vista and the Japanese Oaks with Saint Emilion.
Japan THE stewards were unable to split Apapane and Saint Emilion in a photo finish to the Yushun Himba, the Japanese Oaks.
North of the Dordogne at Libourne are the famous areas of Pomerol and Saint Emilion.
Then walk in the Cour Saint Emilion and eat at the Chai 33 restaurant, remembering not to miss the historical wine cave where you will be asked to go and choose the wine yourself.
The 22-acre estate, between the towns of Bergerac and Saint Emilion, dates back to antiquity, when a Roman villa dominated the sloping hillside.
Soft, sensuous and richly scented, its spiritual home is Bordeaux where it's mixed with cabernet sauvignon to refine its full body and texture, and most famously, merlot is the dominant grape in the wines of Saint Emilion and Pomerol.