Saint Gotthard Pass

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Saint Gott·hard Pass

A pass, 2108 m (6916 ft) high, in the Lepontine Alps in south-central Switzerland, connecting Lucerne to Locarno and Italy.
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Joubert, Moreau's successor, at Novi (near Carpi) (August 15), and pursued the French back toward Genoa; his pursuit was halted by news of the entry of Championnet's army into Italy via the Mount Cenis Pass, but Suvorov's reaction to this move was curtailed when he was ordered into Switzerland to support Rimsky-Korsakov's army near Zurich (September); Suvorov fought his way over the Saint Gotthard Pass (September 24-25), only to learn of Rimsky-Korsakov's defeat by Massena at Zurich (September 25) two days later and was forced to undertake a difficult and hazardous march from Glarus to Ilanz on the upper Rhine; Czar Paul relieved him of command (January 21, 1800), and he was recalled to St.