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Noun1.Saint Peter - disciple of Jesus and leader of the ApostlesSaint Peter - disciple of Jesus and leader of the Apostles; regarded by Catholics as the vicar of Christ on earth and first Pope
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Saxon Bruno, stoop, Whilst on thy back his Holiness ascends Saint Peter's chair and state pontifical.
To me and Peter shalt thou grovelling lie, And crouch before the Papal dignity.-- Sound trumpets, then; for thus Saint Peter's heir, From Bruno's back, ascends Saint Peter's chair.
Go presently and bring a banquet forth, That we may solemnize Saint Peter's feast, And with Lord Raymond, King of Hungary, Drink to our late and happy victory.
"Madam," said Saint Peter, rising and approaching the wicket, "whence do you come?"
In one place the peasants presented him with bread and salt and an icon of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, asking permission, as a mark of their gratitude for the benefits he had conferred on them, to build a new chantry to the church at their own expense in honor of Peter and Paul, his patron saints.
"To Saint Peter's first, and then to the Colosseum," returned Albert.
``Not so,'' answered Fitzurse; ``I will take sanctuary in this church of Saint Peter the Archbishop is my sworn brother.'
"By Saint Peter and the Blessed Virgin, I do indeed!
A feather from the wing of the Angel of the Annunciation once escaped during a sermon in Saint Peter's and so tickled the noses of the congregation that they woke and sneezed with great vehemence three times each.
And in confirmation of the truth of what I say, let me repeat to thee a stanza made by the famous poet Luigi Tansillo at the end of the first part of his 'Tears of Saint Peter,' which says thus:
Jellyby's household had been the only lodgers in Saint Paul's or Saint Peter's, the sole advantage they would have found in the size of the building would have been its affording a great deal of room to be dirty in.
If Heaven never answered prayers because of deafness, methinks I would nevertheless have blessings bestowed upon me, for that man yonder would make the great stone image of Saint Peter rub its ears and hearken unto him.

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