Saint Thomas Aquinas

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Noun1.Saint Thomas Aquinas - (Roman Catholic Church) Italian theologian and Doctor of the Church who is remembered for his attempt to reconcile faith and reason in a comprehensive theologySaint Thomas Aquinas - (Roman Catholic Church) Italian theologian and Doctor of the Church who is remembered for his attempt to reconcile faith and reason in a comprehensive theology; presented philosophical proofs of the existence of God (1225-1274)
Church of Rome, Roman Catholic Church, Roman Church, Western Church, Roman Catholic - the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy
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Casaubon's patience held out further, and when after all it turned out that the head of Saint Thomas Aquinas would be more perfect if another sitting could be had, it was granted for the morrow.
Vain and egotistical, supple and proud, libertine and gourmand, grasping from the pressure of debt, discreet as a tomb out of which nought issues to contradict the epitaph intended for the passer's eye, bold and fearless when soliciting, good-natured and witty in all acceptations of the word, a timely jester, full of tact, knowing how to compromise others by a glance or a nudge, shrinking from no mudhole, but gracefully leaping it, intrepid Voltairean, yet punctual at mass if a fashionable company could be met in Saint Thomas Aquinas,--such a man as this secretary- general resembled, in one way or another, all the mediocrities who form the kernel of the political world.
With this goal in mind, Pius V declared the greatest Dominican theologian, Saint Thomas Aquinas, a Doctor of the Church, Angelicus Doctor ("Angelic Doctor") and canonized him as the fifth doctor of the Latin Church in 1567 (W.
On the teacher; Saint Augustine & Saint Thomas Aquinas; a comparison.
It was held at the Saint Thomas Aquinas Research Complex of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) on September 2, 2012, Luwaran, the MILF's website, revealed in a belated report.
He said he rejected her philosophy and her atheism (as if just having discovered it) and said he preferred Saint Thomas Aquinas, the study of whose works is considered fundamentally-important preparation for entering the priesthood.
While scholastic philosophers, following Saint Thomas Aquinas, cautioned against the vice of curiositas, they agreed with the Angelic Doctor that wonder, or admiratio, served as the mother of wisdom.
Funeral service 10 a.m Saturday, January 02, 2010, Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Derry, NH.
While it may be true, as Kleinberg says, that "the intellectual abilities of Jacobus de Voragine hardly measured up to those of Saint Thomas Aquinas or Henry of Ghent," scholars such as Sherry Reames and Alain Boureau have argued that Jacobus was well aware of the political and theological concerns of the church and structured his text accordingly (p.
"Saint Thomas Aquinas" tells the story of the thirteenth century saint who rose from being viewed as an oaf to one of the most important thinkers of his time.
Together with his La trinite creatrice: Trinite et creation dans les commentaires aux Sentences de Thomas d'Aquin et de ses precurseurs Albert le Grand et Bonaventure (1995), his collection Trinity in Aquinas (2003, seven articles originally published in French), and his recently translated The Trinitarian Theology of Saint Thomas Aquinas (2007), these papers belong, in effect, to a comprehensive and still ongoing commentary on Aquinas's trinitarian theology.
Rodolfo Mendoza; the spiritual vigor of the Brotherhood of Associations Saint Thomas Aquinas (FASTA), founded by the Dominican Fr.