Vincent de Paul

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Vin·cent de Paul

 (vĭn′sənt də pôl), Saint 1581-1660.
French ecclesiastic who founded the Congregation of the Mission (1625) and the Daughters of Charity (1633).

Vincent de Paul

(ˈvɪnsənt də ˈpɔːl; French vɛ̃sɑ̃ də pɔl)
(Biography) Saint. ?1581–1660, French Roman Catholic priest, who founded two charitable orders, the Lazarists (1625) and the Sisters of Charity (1634). Feast day: Sept 27

Vin•cent de Paul

(ˈvɪn sənt də ˈpɔl)
Saint, 1576–1660, French priest noted for his aid to the poor.
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In 1655 Saint Vincent de Paul established the Congregation of the Mission to help in the apostolate care for the poor and the needy.
Ed Denst, aged 77, donated $250, all in $1 bills, to the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Council in Los Angeles.
Also honored at the event was His Eminence Edward Cardinal Egan, Archbishop Emeritus of New York, who received the College's Saint Vincent De Paul Award.
The idea came from Sfeir's five years of volunteer work with charity Saint Vincent de Paul, in which he witnessed some shocking cases of child poverty.
The Saint Vincent de Paul Society was started in Paris in 1833 by a group of university students who were determined to assist the poor by going directly to them.
As the Christmas season gets under way the InterContinental Jordan staff and management, led by GM Mr Gregoire Salamin, brought the spirit of Christmas to the Saint Vincent De Paul (Mar Mansour) orphanage home on December 12,.
Sylvie Epelboin of the Hopital Saint Vincent de Paul in Paris.
Pupils from Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School, in Liverpool, released doves in memory of those who have lost their lives to the disease.
The Rhyl Branch of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society were left devastated by the heartless attack
Le Dantec, Dakar), 25 were from Venezuela (Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de los Andes, Merida), 22 were from Sweden (Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm), 18 from Iran (Pasteur Institute of Iran, Tehran), and 32 were from France (Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital, Paris).
"Saint Vincent de Paul Bringing the Galley Slaves to the Faith" (1876) reflects the saint's care for convicts who, before embarkation or when ill, were confined to miserable dungeons.
This month also brings the feast day of Saint Vincent de Paul, on September 27.

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