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(Plants) another name for African violet
[C20: New Latin, named after Baron W. von Saint Paul, German soldier (died 1910), who discovered it]
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Noun1.saintpaulia - east African herb with nodding flowersSaintpaulia - east African herb with nodding flowers; widely cultivated
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
family Gesneriaceae, gesneria family, Gesneriaceae - large family of tropical herbs or shrubs or lianas; in some classification systems placed in the order Scrophulariales
African violet, Saintpaulia ionantha - tropical African plant cultivated as a houseplant for its violet or white or pink flowers
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Saintpaulia ionantha Wendl seedlings showed good growth during acclimatization in Plantagro[R] and Bioplant[R] commercial substrates, followed by powdered coconut husk and vermiculite (TERCEIRO NETO et al.
However, different results were reported for other species, for example the African violet, Saintpaulia ionantha yielded 95% survival rate when acclimatized on 100% sand compared to only 80%, 70% and 65% survival rates when acclimatized on 1:1 mixture of sand : farmyard manure, 1:1 mixture of sand : coconut husk and 1:1 mixture of sand: ground charcoal, respectively (Khan et al.
Saintpaulia and species of Streptocarpus (Gesneriaceae) are enantiostylous (Harrison et al.
Choose from Mini Azalea to Saintpaulia Africa Violet, Begonia, Chrysanthemum Kalanchee or a selection of Spring bulbs such as Narcissus, Crocus, Tulip, Hyacinthus Orientalis or Musari.
Plant regeneration from cell suspension derived protoplast of Saintpaulia ionantha Wendi.
The Bay State African Violet Society will present a juried show of species Saintpaulia at Tower Hill Botanic Garden, 11 French Drive, Boylston, from 10 a.
Keeping it in the family, Angelika Dibley has taken on Saintpaulia propagation and has introduced over 30 new varieties to the store's latest catalogue.
Here, it's believed that some 30 per cent of the estimated 2,000 plant species, including the delicate African violet Saintpaulia, are endemic, while up to 80 per cent of the region's spider and millipede species may have ranges that are limited to a single mountain.
Origin and relationships of Saintpaulia (Gesneriaceae) based on ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences.
Radish Raphanus sativa TABLE 9-5 TENDER PLANTS Plant Scientific Name African violet Saintpaulia spp.
He named them in honor of the two barons, Saintpaulia, and the species was named for the Greek word for violet-like flowers: S.
JAIN (1997) verificou a estabilidade da caracteristica numero de flores por planta em somaclones de Begonia e Saintpaulia selecionados de micropropagacao em apenas dois ciclos de subcultivos, entretanto, o autor relata que e dificil predizer o numero de ciclos de micropropagacao quando a estabilidade da caracteristica podera ser perdida.