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 (sä′kē-shē′mä, sä-kē′shē-mä′)
An island group of Japan in the southern Ryukyu Islands east of Taiwan. The islands were heavily bombed by the Allies in April-June 1945.
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During the 2011 Great East Japan (Tohoku) Earthquake, the 55-story Sakishima Office Building (SKS) located on the coast of Osaka Bay was shaken extensively by long-period ground-motion.
According to the statement, the rocket may pass over the Sakishima Islands in Okinawa.
The Japan Meteorological Agency warned of high winds and tidal waves on Okinawa's main island and the Sakishima Islands caused by Typhoon Fitow, the 23rd typhoon of the year.
On January 19, 1946, the commander of the Okinawa Naval Base was instructed to "extend Military Government operations so as to include the Northern Ryukyus south of the 30th parallel north and to include Sakishima Gunto, [which includes the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands included]" (p.
Currently, however, the approximately ten thousand Japanese who reside on the four Sakishima Islands have seen little military presence beyond the Air Self-Defense Force ground-based air-surveillance radar site on Miyako.
The agency called for caution against high winds and tidal waves on Okinawa's Sakishima Islands caused by Kong-rey, the 15th typhoon of the season.
A fleet of such jets may be kept on the Sakishima Islands near the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture to reduce flying distance and to more promptly deal with Chinese planes intruding into Japanese airspace, the report said.
But some officials have admitted that the real aim of the deployment is to pave the way for the Defense Ministry to station ground troops in the Sakishima island group, which includes Ishigaki and Miyako islands, under the latest defense policy platform, apparently with China in mind.
If the launch goes as planned, the rocket is expected to fly over the Sakishima island chain in Okinawa Prefecture, which includes the Miyako Islands and the Yaeyama Islands at the southwestern end of the Japanese archipelago.
47) In November 2004, an unidentified nuclear submarine, later discovered to be Chinese, entered Japanese territorial waters near the Sakishima island chain off Okinawa, initiating a two-day chase.
A strong typhoon, the season's eighth, was moving south of Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, on Sunday morning, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, warning that it may approach the Sakishima island chain on Monday.
THE British Pacific Fleet engaged in its first heavy The bombardment in Japanese waters when battleships and cruisers turned their guns against the Japanese island of Miyako, at the north-eastern end of the Sakishima Group, 550 miles south-west of Japan.