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So, if it is not the case that there is some fundamental flaw in the concept of leasing or of sale and leasebacks, then where can problems arise?
But major companies - including HSBC and Tesco - have made extensive use of sale and leasebacks to fund expansion or wider business activities.
With more owner-occupiers changing their attitude towards freehold property, sale and leasebacks are playing an increasingly important role in the property investment market.
The hot market for property has seen businesses rushing to cash in the value of their buildings in sale and leaseback deals.
Recent examples Recent examples of sale and leasebacks cover all types of operators and properties.
Sale and leasebacks have also been used to defend against possible takeovers, eg MFI and Allied Carpets.
Sale and leasebacks are also gaining in favor, with both investors and those owners seeking to raise capital through a sale of their owned facilities.
* Market conditions are very favorable for tenants looking to sublease their space and those owners who are looking to raise capital through a sale and leaseback of their facilities.
Similarly, in the context of lease commitments that are usually longer with sale and leasebacks, the new standard could result in a general reduction in the certain lease term that occupiers will accept.
In addition, occupiers are becoming more aware of the opportunities of buying vacant buildings at relatively low levels and then leveraging off the strength of their covenant, to raise a capital profit by entering into sale and leasebacks.
A spokeswoman for Regent said: "We are not talking specifically about individual properties but we are looking at possible sale and leasebacks "Some properties have already been considered for sale and leaseback.
Dubai Investments this week led a consortium to fully acquire Kent College Dubai via its subsidiary Al Mal Capital in a sale and leaseback transaction, highlighting the growing investor appeal of the Gulf's education sector.