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n.1.(Med.) See Salep.
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Afghan security forces went to the area to install a security check post and were attacked by Taliban militants, Saleb said, adding that a mortar fired by Taliban targeting the security post hit a civilian house which resulted in the casualties.
Part 1 examines specific questions about reporting: editorials on global climate change (Rito Kunelius); journalistic practices in Africa about climate change (Ibrahim Saleb), news flows (Hillel Nossek and Risto Kunelius), perspectives on reporting on the rain forest (Elisabeth Eide), and comparative journalistic coverage in Europe and Asia (Ville Kumpu and Mofizur Thaman).
In May 2009, Mohammad Saleb, the CNPA provincial Chief in Nimroz was convicted of tampering with evidence in the previously mentioned Khostel case.
that the military could not lawfully detain Ali Saleb Kahlah al-Marri, a
29 March 2007: Sonia Bader, Elizabeth Saleb, Sariel A.
Abdulraqeb Alselwi, who runs Saleb General Store, said:``It was like an earthquake.
See Tabari, 2: 1970ff., 1984ff., 1967ff., 1888ff., 1917ff., 1995ff.; Saleb Said Agha, "A Viewpoint of the [Murji.sup.[contains]]a in the Umayyad Period: Evolution through Application," Journal of Islamic Studies 8.1 (1997): 22-25.