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 (sā′lē-ən, sāl′yən)
Of or relating to a tribe of Franks who settled in the Rhine region of the Netherlands in the fourth century ad.
A Salian Frank.

[From Late Latin Saliī, the Salian Franks.]


(Historical Terms) denoting or relating to a group of Franks (the Salii) who settled in the Netherlands in the 4th century ad and later conquered large areas of Gaul, esp in the north
(Historical Terms) a member of this group


(ˈseɪ li ən, ˈseɪl yən)

of, pertaining to, or denoting a major division of the Franks, settled mainly between the Meuse and Scheldt rivers by a.d. c400.
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Noun1.Salian - a member of the tribe of Franks who settled in the Netherlands in the 4th century AD
Frank - a member of the ancient Germanic peoples who spread from the Rhine into the Roman Empire in the 4th century
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