a.1.(Her.) Same as Salient.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Minister, while giving saliant features of decisions taken during high level meetings at the Ministry for two days, said in all 353,000 Computerized National Identity Cards (NICs) were blocked.
In the following section, an effort is made to discuss the saliant clinical and histopathological features of Phrynoderma and it's response to regimens used in the study.
Full programme of sightseeing of the Somme and Ypres Saliant. Entrance to the Historical de la Grande Guerre museum.
(18.) With the possible exception of definite nouns that represent proper saliant individuals in the universe of discourse (cf.
For example, in order to predict whether a person with an unknown history will buy a lottery ticket, we must know the saliant components of the present situation, such as the opportunity to buy a lottery ticket, the money available, the amounts of prizes, and the stated probabilities of winning.
As soon as the saliant features of Soviet Communism began emerging in the 1930s (a totalitarian political system combined with a highly centralized system of comprehensive economic planning), many socialist sympathizers in the West commenced arguing that communistic socialism is not the highest possible form of socialism and that democratic market socialist possibilities exist which would avoid the dysfunctional characteristics of communistic socialism.
Flanders Tours also offer a number of guided tours and Battlefield walks on the 1914-18 Western Front (their 4-day tours are expected to be around 225 [pounds]) -- these will include for 1994 the Somme in May (1916-18) and the Ypres Saliant in September.
Decribing saliant features of the plan, he said that Regional Blood Centers (RBCs) were being set-up at all divisional headquarters.