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 (sā′lĭk, săl′ĭk) also Sa·lique (sā′lĭk, săl′ĭk, să-lēk′)
1. Of or relating to the Salian Franks.
2. Of or relating to Salic law.

[French salique, from Medieval Latin Salicus, from Late Latin Saliī, the Salian Franks.]


Of or relating to certain minerals, such as quartz and the feldspars, that commonly occur in igneous rocks and contain large amounts of silica and alumina.


(ˈsælɪk; ˈseɪ-)
(Minerals) (of rocks and minerals) having a high content of silica and alumina
[C20: from s(ilica) + al(umina) + -ic]


(ˈsælɪk; ˈseɪlɪk) or


1. (Peoples) of or relating to the Salian Franks or the Salic law
2. (Historical Terms) of or relating to the Salian Franks or the Salic law
3. (Law) of or relating to the Salian Franks or the Salic law


(ˈsæl ɪk, ˈseɪ lɪk)

of or pertaining to the Salian Franks.
References in classic literature ?
Yes, yes, to the women, I know,” said Richard, “that is your Salic law.
Gunda and the survivors executed an affidavit identifying their abductors, including Salic, whom they saw cleaning firearms during their detention.
There is probable cause to indict Salic and his co-accused aftera careful review and evaluation of the evidence submitted by the parties," a DOJ resolution stated.
33 billion) in Black Sea region in agriculture, chief executive officer of SALIC told reporters in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.
While the Pragmatic Sanction created by her father Charles VI was merely an acknowledgment of the possibility of female rule, it provided no symbolic framework that actually defined power as feminine, leaving artists the challenge of representing a woman ruler in a world dominated by Salic law.
A consortium of Saudi groups - comprising dairy giant Almarai, grain importer Al Rajhi and Salic, the agriculture arm of the country's sovereign wealth fund - agreed to pay US $92mn to acquire this grain producer located in northern Poland and western Ukraine.
Some examples include: Alcuin of York, Lombards, Donatism, Peasants, Salic Law, and more.
And yet there are some very interesting discussions in Shakespeare of the seemingly more mundane sense of geography, pertaining to place or the world in a more limited sense, such as the Salic law in Henry V or the geopolitical tensions that constrain the Denmark of Hamlet.
Henry V cannot plainly deal with the succession questions it raises, both because they are too "explosive" and because the Salic Law problem intensifies and complicates them, and so the play "performs a carefully sustained dance around them" (87).
For though Salic law prevented the empress from inheriting the throne, McQueen argues that Eugenie used the visual arts as the primary means to establish an autonomous position beyond that of consort.
Just if Salic Law had not prevented it, and Queen Victoria II, not King Edward VII, had inherited the throne of England in 1901.