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 (sā′lĭk, săl′ĭk) also Sa·lique (sā′lĭk, săl′ĭk, să-lēk′)
1. Of or relating to the Salian Franks.
2. Of or relating to Salic law.

[French salique, from Medieval Latin Salicus, from Late Latin Saliī, the Salian Franks.]


Of or relating to certain minerals, such as quartz and the feldspars, that commonly occur in igneous rocks and contain large amounts of silica and alumina.


(ˈsælɪk; ˈseɪ-)
(Minerals) (of rocks and minerals) having a high content of silica and alumina
[C20: from s(ilica) + al(umina) + -ic]


(ˈsælɪk; ˈseɪlɪk) or


1. (Peoples) of or relating to the Salian Franks or the Salic law
2. (Historical Terms) of or relating to the Salian Franks or the Salic law
3. (Law) of or relating to the Salian Franks or the Salic law


(ˈsæl ɪk, ˈseɪ lɪk)

of or pertaining to the Salian Franks.
References in classic literature ?
Yes, yes, to the women, I know,” said Richard, “that is your Salic law.
According to the studies by Ebrahimi [4], Rezaiinejad [14], and Golzari [7] on pistachio cultivation soils in Kerman Province, they showed that salinity is one of the major factors resulting in reducing pistachio growth and yield, and Salic horizon is separated in physiographies of flood plains, low lands and playa.
This stratagem is designed to shift responsibility for the decision onto the Archbishop, who can later be blamed should the war fall, and onto the law itself because in Canterbury's interpretation, Salic Law is shown to require action by Henry.
Guevarra, Adrian Bataan, Steve John Salic, Joel Cruz and Ryan Al Aman.
What if the Salic law preventing female succession to German thrones had not applied in 1837 and Victoria had become Queen of Hanover as well as Great Britain?
Judges administered the Salic law of the Franks in these courts, and there was a kind of "manual of law and legal procedure for the use or guidance of free judges" of the Hundred Court.
But untimely deaths, barren spouses, and the Salic law that excluded women from the throne all took their toll.
2007) Landscape Hillslope Typical soil types soil unit position according to the Australian soil classification (Isbell 1996) LSU I Crest Ceteric, Lithic, Lithocalcic Calcarosol, thin, slightly gravelly, loamy, clay loamy, shallow LSU 2 Shoulder slope Lithocalcic Subnafic, Brown Sodosol, thin (eroded), slightly gravelly, clay loamy, clayey, moderate LSU 3 Foot slope Lithocalcic Subnatric, Red Sodosol, medium, slightly gravelly, loamy, clayey, very deep LSU 4 Toe slope Brown Sodosol, medium, slightly gravelly, loamy, clayey, giant LSU 5 Gully face Supracalcic, Subnatric, Red Sodosol, medium, slightly gravelly, loamy, clayey, giant LSU 6 Gully base at 12 m, saline Natric, Sulfidic Salic groundwater-sustained Hydrosol, medium, slightly wetland gravelly, clay loamy, deep Table 2.
After the death in 1584 of Francois de Valois, brother of Henri III and heir to the throne, following the dictates of the Salic law the king designated as his successor the Protestant Henri of Navarre.
6% of the capital stock of SALIC, increasing the Company's ownership to 98.
As I have mentioned, also contributing to an atmosphere of perhaps more than ordinary concern about gender was Henri III's reputation as a cross-dressing, mignon-favouring sodomite whose failure to produce an heir led to a crisis in the succession (although, Elizabeth and Mary Sidney might have reflected, only because of the supposedly ancient French Salic Law that forbade female rule).
The group claim that Peace's sister transferred some of her shares to a company called Salic Inc, who then sold on shares to the Baggies chairman.