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n.1.(Chem.) The hypothetical radical of salicylic acid and of certain related compounds.
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In order to allocate potential effects to the different constituents of WB, fractions of the extract with different compositions of salicyl alcohol derivative and polyphenols were also investigated.
Only the naphthyl and salicyl derivatives gave substantial amounts (5-58%) of the corresponding monoamines as detected by [sup.
Alkyl and aryl-substituted salicyl phosphates as detection reagents in enzyme amplified fluorescence DNA hybridization assays on solid support.
The mud is a powder made from pure volcanic ash, pine oil and salicyl, (aspirin base) just like the famous mud baths of Abano Terme Spa Resort in Italy," says Cury.
They include: glucosides, such as salicin, populin, tremuloidin, salireposide, and grandidentatin; acids such as benzoic and p-hydroxybenzoic; and phenols, such as salicyl alcohol and catechol[9].
It is made from pure volcanic ash, pine oil and salicyl, an aspirin base which helps relieve aches and pains.
As this process is also mentionable in vivo for all compounds exhibiting a cyclohexenon carboxylic acid moiety, like the salicyl alcohol derivatives salicortin, 2'-acetylsalicortin and tremulacin (Poblecka-Olech et al.