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A city of northern California east-northeast of Monterey on the Salinas River, about 240 km (150 mi) long, near its outlet on Monterey Bay. Settled in 1856, it is the birthplace of John Steinbeck, who based many of his stories on the migratory farm workers of the Salinas Valley.


(səˈli nəs)

a city in W California. 111,757.
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The Gauchos call the former the "Padre del sal," and the latter the "Madre;" they state that these progenitive salts always occur on the borders of the salinas, when the water begins to evaporate.
This phenomenon is quite different from that of the salinas, and more extraordinary.
One day I rode to a large salt-lake, or Salina, which is distant fifteen miles from the town.
Go down by San Jose and Salinas an' come out on the coast at Monterey.
Shares have plummeted, stockholder confidence evaporated, and the only constant appears to be Salinas' unshakable desire not to loose his grip on the moneymaking broadcasting empire he made--and may unmake.
Castorina and colleagues drew their study population from participants in the Center for the Health Assessment of Mothers and Children of Salinas study, a longitudinal birth cohort study designed in part to investigate pesticide exposures and their effects in pregnant women and children.
Switzerland's Federal Court has approved the blocking of 10 Swiss bank accounts held by the brother of the former Mexican president, Raul Salinas. The court rejected an appeal by Salinas who had argued the accounts were not part of a request for legal assistance by the Mexican authorities.
LETTERS WRITTEN BY PEDRO SALINAS to Katherine Reding Whitmore, as well as 144 early versions of poems, became available to the public at Harvard's Houghton Library in July 1999.
The man, Travis Vincent Salinas, 37, fell to the floor just inside the doorway.
Each of the five underflows measured by the scientists occurred during a period of flooding in the Salinas River, which flows into Monterey Bay.