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 (sā′lĭsh) also Sa·lish·an (-lĭ-shən)
n. pl. Salish also Salishan or Sa·lish·ans
1. A family of Native American languages of the northwest United States and British Columbia.
2. The group of Native American peoples speaking languages of the Salish family.
3. The Flathead people.

[Southern Interior Salish se'lish, Flatheads.]

Sa′lish, Sa′lish·an adj.
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(ˈseɪ lɪʃ ən, ˈsæl ɪʃ-)

a family of American Indian languages spoken or formerly spoken by peoples of S British Columbia and the northwest U.S.
[1885–90, Amer.]
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Noun1.Salishan - a family of Mosan language spoken in northwestern United States and western CanadaSalishan - a family of Mosan language spoken in northwestern United States and western Canada
Mosan - a family of Amerindian languages spoken in Washington and British Columbia
Skagit - a Salishan dialect spoken by the Skagit
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American' cluster corresponds to peoples from the Northwest (with a majority of Salishan, Penuti and Na-Dene speakers) while cluster (9) corresponds to peoples east of the Rocky Mountains speaking languages from different families (Algic, Caddoan, Sioux-Katawba).
While archaeologists think that the rock writing/painting traditions of the Interior Salishan people date to about 5,500 years ago, Elders of the "living" 'Nlaka'pamux First Nations deem that pictographic images represent a cultural continuum that is much older.
[18.] Teit: The Salishan Tribes of the Western Plateaus.
GLENEDEN BEACH - Northwest Christian's Josh Goins shot a 2-under 69 on Tuesday to move into a tie for seventh-place overall on the final day of the Coastal Collegiate Classic men's golf tournament at Salishan Golf Links.
Dale Kinkade's description of Salishan languages in "Salish Evidence Against the Universality of'Noun' and 'Verb'" sounds very much like how I describe the mass-process language in the described essay.
It also suggests the Salishan potlatch ceremony in which a blanket is draped around the shoulders of the person being honoured, while visitors are called on to witness and remember the events.
This is, for instance, the case of the following languages: Siouan (from the Macro-Siouan phylum), Algonquian (from the Macro-Algonquian phylum, probably the most extended family of native languages in North America), Muskhogean (of the Macro-Algonquian phylum), Salishan (to which Bella Coola belongs), Shoshonean (of the Uto-Aztecan family, the Numic-Plateau-Shoshonean group), Wakashan (to which belong Kwakiutl and Nootkan), Caddoan (of the Macro-Siouan phylum), Athapascan(-eyak) (of the NaDene phylum, to which also belong Navajo and Chipewyan).
For example, for Sliammon, a Salishan language, Watanabe (2014) observes that oblique phrases which are arguments ("oblique objects") are relativized without a special marker (cf.
The drum songs at the honor feast were plains culture except for one traditional Salishan hand drum number.
Haas (1978) refers to diminutives in Snohomish, a (now nearly extinct) Salishan language, spoken in the North West of Washington State, close to Canadian border (Lewis 2009).
Salishan tribes valued lateral kinship, and without a territorial court to claim jurisdiction over her, Nora would most likely have joined Ellen Jones's household after losing her parents.