Salpiglossis sinuata

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Noun1.Salpiglossis sinuata - Chilean herb having velvety funnel-shaped yellowish or violet flowers with long tonguelike styles at the corolla throat
salpiglossis - any plant of the genus Salpiglossis
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A variety of flavonoids have been isolated from species belonging to the Solanaceae family including Browallia grandiflora, Chamaesara chasordida, Nicotiana tabacum, Petunia urfina, and Salpiglossis sinuata (WOLLENWEBER & DORR, 1995).
& Comes Woodland tobacco Genus Nierembergia Nierembergia scoparia Sendtri Broom cupflower Tribe Salpiglossidae Genus Salpiglossis Salpiglossis sinuata Ruiz & Pav Painted tongue Genus Schizanthus Schizanthus spp.
floccosa Salpiglossis sinuata CH Corolla Reduced size flowers, CL flowers Sigillaria, Time of reporduction Earlier Chaloneria (both fossils) Veroniocastrum virginicum, Sepals Increased size Veronica chamaedrys Viola odorata CH flowers, Maturation time Earlier CL flowers Viola odorata CH flowers, Whole flower Reduced size CL flowers Vegetative traits Cucurbita argyrosperma Leaf Reduced lobing sororia, C.