Salt block

an apparatus for evaporating brine; a salt factory.

See also: Salt

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I looked across the waters to Guimaras and remembered buying the tultul or salt block.
There's a heated pool, a sauna with a Himalayan salt block wall and aromatherapy steam rooms, and even the showers come with several settings - Caribbean Storm or Arctic Rain, anyone?
Mount Sodom is essentially a huge salt block covered by a thin but resilient layer of cap rock.
It is also important to note that a mineral block is not the same as a salt block. The only mineral in a salt block is salt (NaCl).
1) Vector data (punctual or linear, such as tracks, fences, water sources and salt block) had their X and Y geographic coordinates imported directly from the GPS handset into the Idrisi database, and the layers for its spatial location were generated.
BARBECUE PORK SANDWICHES 2 (1-pound) pork tenderloins, trimmed Salt block pepper, and garlic powder to taste 1 (12-ounce) bottle root beer 1 (16-ounce) bottle original barbecue sauce 12 hamburger buns, split and lightly toasted Prepared slaw Place tenderloins in slow cooker.
Enter the Himalayan salt block, recommended by Linda.
Other soothing or invigorating options are a poolside thermal area with a salt-infused aromatherapy steam room, a swan-neck fountain experience in the relaxation pool, Caribbean Storm and Arctic rain showers, and a sauna with a Himalayan salt block wall.
I've tested numerous cameras with both standard infrared and black flash in recent years and can tell you without a doubt that the black flash units are far more stealthy and produce far fewer images with animals staring directly at the camera For my test, I placed a salt block and some corn in a wooded area and set the Illusion 8 LightsOut up about 15 feet away.
While salt and minerals are so important, a salt block is inappropriate for horses.
SALT BLOCK COOKING follows up on the author's prior 2010 introduction to the concept in SALTED and provides a powerful account on how to use Himalayan salt blocks for grilling, baking, and cooking.
"Salt Block Cooking" with Mark Bitterman of The Meadow.