electrostatic bond

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Noun1.electrostatic bond - a chemical bond in which one atom loses an electron to form a positive ion and the other atom gains an electron to form a negative ion
bond, chemical bond - an electrical force linking atoms
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Cardboard also served as the salt bridge. Before operation of the battery, the water was filled for one day in order to wet the cardboard.
The dynamic properties of complexes have been compared in terms of residue flexibility, binding energy, salt bridge, and hydrogen bond interactions in the binding region and structural variations during unfolding at different temperatures.
With ALP (Aedes aegypti) the loop 1 mutants G322P and P319A formed 1 salt bridge each with ALP.
The voltage of this cell was noted after placing the salt bridge and connecting the wires.
This study included construction of double chambered MFC where salt bridge was used for the electrolytic contact of solutions contained within both compartments.
MFC's efficiency was examined by the changing concentrations of agarose in the salt bridge of MFC.
Most softener problems are caused by worn or clogged parts in the control head or a salt bridge in the brine tank.
The kit offers an affordable solution with a cost bracket of up to $4 including the costs of a frame a salt bridge wires two one-liter bottles a pair of electrodes and a bulb to go with it.
Recently, it has been reported that an arginine-aspartate salt bridge which is proposed to form the outer gate of the transporter could play a critical role in MDMA recognition.
A double junction "salt bridge" minimizes dilution in the inner chamber.
These results point to an interplay between the [beta]His146-[beta]Asp94 salt bridge and the [Cl.sup.-] in solution regulated by the cysteine present at position [beta]93, indicating yet another role of [beta]93 Cys in the regulation of hemoglobin function.