Salt raker

one who collects salt in natural salt ponds, or inclosures from the sea.

See also: Salt

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The accounts of Mary Prince and her fellow salt rakers in the Bahamian Archipelago and on several islands in the West Indies form part of the ever-expanding literature on the institution of slavery--that linchpin in the trans-Atlantic and Caribbean economies from the seventeenth century through emancipation.
They invaded Grand Saline, destroyed the huts, tools, and supplies of the salt rakers, and took them prisoner before proceeding to Salt Cay and the Caicos to do likewise.
For their part, Symmer and the salt rakers resented these efforts by the legislative body on New Providence, maintaining that those laws hurt individual salt takers and the burgeoning salt industry.
This contentious power struggle between Andrew Symmer and the salt rakers on one side and Governor Thomas Shirley on the other endured until Shirley was transferred to the governorship of Dominica and Nassau was invaded by the Americans in 1776.
Salt Rakers Cove, the newest village at the exclusive sporting community, offers land prices ranging from US$525,000 to US$1.3 million.
What, for example, did salt rakers and sponge harvesters do?