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 (săl′və-dôr′, säl′və-dôr′) Formerly Ba·hi·a (bə-hē′ə, bä-ē′ə)
A city of eastern Brazil on the Atlantic Ocean south-southwest of Recife. Founded in 1549, it was the capital of the Portuguese possessions in the New World until 1763.
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(ˈsælvəˌdɔː; Portuguese salvaˈdor)
(Placename) a port in E Brazil, capital of Bahia state: founded in 1549 as capital of the Portuguese colony, which it remained until 1763; a major centre of the African slave trade in colonial times. Pop: 3 331 000 (2005 est). Former name: Bahia Official name: São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos
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(ˈsæl vəˌdɔr)

2. Formerly, Bahia, São Salvador. the capital of Bahia in E Brazil. 1,525,831.
Sal`va•do′ran, Sal`va•do′ri•an, adj., n.
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Salvadoran, Salvadorean, Salvadorian - a native or inhabitant of El Salvador
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Not content with manufacturing the electricity for his street railways in the old-fashioned way, in power-houses, Daylight organized the Sierra and Salvador Power Company.
There was that Eastern syndicate, negotiating with him now to take the majority of the stock in the Sierra and Salvador Power Company off his hands.
Among the companies in which he reluctantly allowed the investing public to join were the Golden Gate Dock Company, and Recreation Parks Company, the United Water Company, the Uncial Shipbuilding Company, and the Sierra and Salvador Power Company.
Salvador, which was our port; and that, in my discourses among them, I had frequently given them an account of my two voyages to the coast of Guinea: the manner of trading with the negroes there, and how easy it was to purchase upon the coast for trifles - such as beads, toys, knives, scissors, hatchets, bits of glass, and the like - not only gold-dust, Guinea grains, elephants' teeth, &c., but negroes, for the service of the Brazils, in great numbers.
The best days of filmmaker Salvador Mallo (Banderas) are behind him as he stumbles through middle age with crippling back pain.
Actress Maja Salvador ended speculations hounding her friendship with Kim Chiu, saying it was restored even while she was still dating actor Gerald Anderson.
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