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Noun1.Salvadorean - a native or inhabitant of El SalvadorSalvadorean - a native or inhabitant of El Salvador
El Salvador, Republic of El Salvador, Salvador - a republic on the Pacific coast of Central America
South American - a native or inhabitant of South America
Adj.1.Salvadorean - of or relating to or characteristic of El Salvador or its people; "Salvadoran coffee"; "Salvadoran guerillas"
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Trump on Monday revoked the special residency status of some 200,000 Salvadorean nationals who have been allowed to live in the US since a 2001 earthquake.
Bolano is not, of course, the only author who has used this kind of character, which we can find also in the journalist Jose Giustozzi in Que solos se quedan los muertos by Argentinian Mempo Giardinelly; young activist Emilia in Que me maten si by Guatemalan Rodrigo Rey Rosa; anthropologist Yolanda in El corazon del silencio by the Chilean and Costa Rican Tatiana Lobo; journalist Rita Mena in Baile con serpientes by Salvadorean Horacio Castellanos Moya; or the journalist Pepe Pindonga in Donde no esten ustedes, also by Castellanos Moya.
Before founding Mama Lycha in 1993, Luis and Maria Alicia imported Central American products for their Salvadorean restaurants and the Mexican style supermarkets they owned.
I also know this: When I get into a taxi and meet the immigrant driver from Nigeria, or go to a restaurant and am waited on by a recent immigrant from Tunisia, or try to speak (with the few words of Spanish I know) to the Salvadorean woman who comes to clean our office, or park my car and pay the fee to recently arrived Ethiopian attendant, or think of the Bosnian refugee family that bought and refurbished my family's old home in Upstate New York - I know that less than a generation from now, their children will be able to tell the same story about the heroic sacrifices their parents made to give them the chance to prosper in freedom in America.
'Water gives life: framing an environmental justice movement in the mainstream and alternative Salvadorean press'.
born Spanish native speakers who were raised in different Latino cultures (e.g., Mexico, Guatemalan, Salvadorean) and initially only spoke Spanish in the home but became fluent in English.
A Salvadorean hotel employee found her with a belt around her neck.
While clearly Mexicanized, she first identifies as Salvadorean and then as Puerto Rican.
I grew up in a big community of immigrants who were Mexican, Salvadorean, and Cuban, and we coexisted.
The bureaucracy of the El Salvadorean system always seemed to conspire against them, but with the help of the Supreme Court judge and some good old-fashioned diplomacy we finally managed to get leverage, and we got the result we wanted.