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Noun1.Salvadorean - a native or inhabitant of El SalvadorSalvadorean - a native or inhabitant of El Salvador
El Salvador, Republic of El Salvador, Salvador - a republic on the Pacific coast of Central America
South American - a native or inhabitant of South America
Adj.1.Salvadorean - of or relating to or characteristic of El Salvador or its people; "Salvadoran coffee"; "Salvadoran guerillas"
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Looking at this Salvadorean family, it is easy to see their cultural viewpoint regarding the issue of future residence and independence.
30365 3320 3290 3095 Paraguayan 705 120 130 80 Peruvian 14160 1545 1650 1320 Salvadorean 24125 2690 3030 2570 Uruguayan 2940 300 345 235 Venezuelan 4580 655 495 425 Honduran 1820 265 280 170 Panamanian 1690 215 110 155 Costa Rican 1115 165 120 180 Total 397730 40680 39190 36450 Note: Special Tabulations from the 1996 Census of Canada prepared by Statistics Canada for the Department of Canadian Heritage.
Among the many peoples coming through our doors, I met native Canadians, French-Canadians, Eritreans and Ethiopians, Filipino and Indian domestic workers, Salvadorean and Nicaraguan refugees, Tamils from Sri Lanka and people from the various countries of Africa, Caribbean peoples and Chinese from Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries.
In this study I will examine the dynamics of kinship-based social networks during resettlement of recent Salvadorean migrants to San Francisco.
While the Salvadorean flows remain the most significant, making up approximately 70% of the overall flows, the transaction is also supported by Cuscatlan subsidiaries in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama.
8% of the stake is already the majority shareholder of the Salvadorean company.
Bertha Monroy, a 57-year-old Salvadorean immigrant, says she really never considered the heritage of her two African-American children until somebody brought it up.
In the south at the Pacific coast, the railroad connects the Ports of San Jose, Puerto Quetzal and Puerto Champerico, to the west with the Mexican border and to the east to the Salvadorean border.
Salvadorean women's groups who defended therapeutic abortion did not have the public forums, support or strength to make a significant impact on public opinion (20, p.
Maria Alicia Espinosa, executive director of Calleja, which owns two Salvadorean supermarket chains with a combined 54 outlets, believes PriceSmart is not a threat.
The most popular Honduran coffee on the Japan market is known as 'strictly high growth' (SHG) from Marcala, a town west of the capital and about halfway to the El Salvadorean border.
This spirit is expressed in the words of a beautiful Salvadorean song, "When the poor believe in the poor, then we can sing of liberty.