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Noun1.Salvadorean - a native or inhabitant of El SalvadorSalvadorean - a native or inhabitant of El Salvador
El Salvador, Republic of El Salvador, Salvador - a republic on the Pacific coast of Central America
South American - a native or inhabitant of South America
Adj.1.Salvadorean - of or relating to or characteristic of El Salvador or its people; "Salvadoran coffee"; "Salvadoran guerillas"
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*Donald Trump cancels a program allowing 200,000 San Salvadoreans temporary status to live in the U.S.
It is thought 270,000 children have been born to Salvadoreans in the US in the past 17 years.
Nation State Building Projects and the Politics of Transnational Migration: Locating Salvadoreans in Canada, the United States, and El Salvador.
It was managed by a twelve-member Board of Directors, consisting of eminent Salvadoreans from a broad range of occupations.
He said his fellow victims included Brazilians, Hondurans, Salvadoreans and Guatemalans.
The coffee-producing country's main income source is the money from Salvadoreans living abroad.
If we once took them to El Salvador and got them in El Salvador to meet the Salvadoreans, to see the struggle, especially during the war, when it was a very dramatic experience, often they would become solidarity activists, raise money for the popular movement.
In sum, the insistence by impassioned theorists that illegal immigration south of the border is the pre-eminent problem of our time makes perfect sense--or would, had those been Salvadoreans piloting airplanes on 9/11, Guatemalans bankrolling their efforts, Hondurans plotting attacks on the subways and government buildings of Europe, and Mexicans across the global labor diaspora plotting how to bring down the American government, presumably by poisoning our gardens and toilets.
The El Salvadoreans surrounded Kandil and his linesman, kicking the ball into the crowd and challenging the referee to book or send them off.
Remittances to families from Salvadoreans working abroad are a significant contributor to economic growth.
Pascal Boniface, the French political scientist, wrote that it was triggered by Honduran supporters "who had thrown the principle of fair play out the window and organized a wild party the night before around the Salvadoreans' hotel to prevent them from sleeping." Honduras won, 1-0, and in the return match Honduran players had to be driven to the stadium in an armoured vehicle.