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Noun1.Sam Adams - American Revolutionary leader and patriotSam Adams - American Revolutionary leader and patriot; an organizer of the Boston Tea Party and signer of the Declaration of Independence (1722-1803)
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5, were guided through an exclusive craft beer tasting from more than 30,000 feet in the air led by Sam Adams brewer/founder Jim Koch.
com)-- The brewers at Sam Adams just brewed and canned the second batch of Rebel Raw Double IPA and Mims Distributing Company, a leading wholesale beverage distributor in North Carolina, has announced that it is now on shelves in the Triangle.
Thus the Bacons secured a spot in Sam Adams' national "American Dream" finals, to be held in December in New York, where they'll vie for $10,000 plus coaching from key Sam Adams personnel.
Expunging the Almighty from our treasured document didn't sit well with some patriotic purists, mostly those of the conservative persuasion, who descended upon the Sam Adams (https://www.
Mashtag is the first beer that is both crowdsourced and named after a facet of social media, but American beer maker Sam Adams is actually the first company that used social media suggestions to come up with a democratically created beer.
Each year since 2007, Sam Adams has encouraged New England football fans to enter their homebrew creations.
Getting rich is "life's big booby prize" and something that Jim Koch said he consciously chose not to chase when he started the brewery that produces Sam Adams beers.
GOOD TIMES: Ethan Haytack plays, left, while his little friends Ratu Bonaviedogo, Sam Adams and Ben Williams have fun on the carpet, above, and Izak and Izzy Sidle enjoy some music, right
Sam Adams graduated from the College of Law at the University of Utah in 2000.
Some founding fathers, such as Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and Sam Adams, were leading journalists, others, such as George Washington and John Adams, passionately disdained journalists; and Thomas Jefferson was a skillful manipulator of journalists.
Sam Adams was born into a pious Puritan family on 22 September 1722.