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Noun1.Sam Snead - United States golfer known for the graceful arc of his swing (1912-2002)Sam Snead - United States golfer known for the graceful arc of his swing (1912-2002)
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Although the Masters began in 1934, the first champion to receive a Green Jacket was Sam Snead in 1949.
Only Sam Snead (82) has won more times on the PGA Tour.
And they can prepare to fill their glasses with Irish whiskey to toast old man Sam Snead as the individual winner when the last putt falls tomorrow in this fabulous international golf test.
Woods said becoming older means he has to become wiser and he will now take his inspiration from the likes of Greg Norman, Tom Watson and Sam Snead - who all won or contended in majors well into their 50s.
As I've said many times, Sam Snead and Jack Nicklaus reached their milestones over an entire career.
Washington, Sept 7 ( ANI ): The green jacket awarded to the first Masters Winner in professional golf, Horton Smith, will be auctioned off, which is among the ten jackets that were awarded to 1949 champion Sam Snead and nine former Masters Champs from 1934-1948.
Thomas, who was born and raised in the Newcastle area, turned professional in 1949 when he watched some of the game's great champions including Fred Daly, Max Faulkner and the legendary Sam Snead competing in the Ryder Cup at Ganton.
Looking like his old imposing self, Woods's eighth win at "Arnie's Place" ties him with World Golf Hall of Fame member Sam Snead for most victories at a single PGA Tour event.
Woods s'est impose dans ce tournoi pour la 7e fois de sa carriere, a une unite du record de victoires dans la meme epreuve PGA, detenu par Sam Snead avec 8 succes dans le tournoi de Greensboro.
Three victories on the PGA Tour this season took him past Jack Nicklaus's career total of 73, leaving only Sam Snead ahead of him on 82, but he remains four behind Nicklaus's 18-major record and has not been able to close the gap for more than four years now.
With 74 wins, he's still behind Sam Snead in terms of PGA Tour victories but poor Sammy, who won 82 times, had to make do with winnings of just $620,126.
Readers who are fond of games of chance will find this book especially interesting, but even those who dislike gambling will be fascinated by a life story that includes characters such as Houdini, Al Capone, golf legends Ben Hogan and Sam Snead, and legendary gambler Nick the Greek.