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tr.v. be·witched, be·witch·ing, be·witch·es
1. To place under one's power by magic; cast a spell over.
2. To captivate completely; fascinate. See Synonyms at charm.

[Middle English biwicchen : probably bi-, be- + wicchen (from Old English wiccian, from wicce, witch, or wicca, sorcerer); see weg- in Indo-European roots.]

be·witch′er n.
be·witch′er·y n.
be·witch′ing·ly adv.
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Adj.1.bewitched - under a spellbewitched - under a spell        
enchanted - influenced as by charms or incantations


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The show originally featured Elizabeth Montgomery as witch and housewife Samantha Stephens, who had a magic twitching nose.
The daughter of acting parents, she became famous for playing nosetwitching witch Samantha Stephens in the long-running American TV comedy and appeared in all 254 episodes.
Clinton Omondi, Sergio Osorio, Austin Pace, Sean Paris, Victoria Partridge, Derek Payne, Ashley Peters, Dakota Pittullo, Helena Platt, Tyler Prock, Auden Quinones, Colleen Rayburn, Ryan Reed, Cynthia Rodriguez, Katelyn Rossback, Caitlin Rowley, Makayla Rutherford, Preslee Sacket, Auston Salazar, Juan Santiago, Cornelia Scheffold, Tyler Schneider, Andrew Sharp, Bryan Sheaffer, Alyson Simpson, Aspen Sluder, Brody Smith, Steven Smith, Cooper Socia, Austin Soria, Daisy Spann, Samantha Stephens, Mariss Stevens, Elyas Stringer,
She has a daughter named Samantha Stephens and is a resident of San Antonio, TX.
And, as if that weren't enough, this Clinton native played Endora, the flamboyant, mortal-loathing, eccentric witch-mother to Samantha Stephens (and mother-in-law from hell to Darrin "Derwood'' Stephens) on "Bewitched.''