a.1.(Bot.) Resembling a samara, or winged seed vessel.
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A schizocarpic fruit, of samaroid subtype, being a dry winged tricarpellate fruit, represents the diaspore (Figure 1A-C).
In years that maples are seeding synchronously in massive numbers, like 2012 and 2013, they use much of their nutrients to make samaroid schizocarps (maple seed-noses, to us laymen).
ex Pancher & Sebert, with three species of trees in New Caledonia, has 2-winged schizocarpic samaroid fruits, illustrated diagrammatically for C.
acariaeanthum produces widely elliptical samaroid fruits with a pair of symmetrical wings fused along a thick median axis connecting from the pedicel to the style.
The fruits are samaroid, indehiscent, usually with three (or two) wings and usually longer than wide.
tomentosa, the fruit is broadly 2-winged, obcordate indehiscent, samaroid.
The only species known, have alternate leaves, simple racemose inflorescences and samaroid fruits.
Within Paullinieae, fruit are schizocarpic, separating into samaroid mericarps or septifragal capsules which expose the seeds.
ulmacea; the presence of carpophore in the samaroid schizocarp of S.
ulmacea could represent a transition state between the samaroid schizocarp formed by Serjania and the septifragal capsule produced by Cardiospermum.
communis has a samaroid schizocarp fruit with proximal wings and distal cavities.