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A spicy condiment used especially in Indonesia and Malaysia, made with chili peppers and other ingredients, such as sugar or coconut.

[Malay, from Tamil sambhar, from Prakrit saṃbhārei, he gathers, from Sanskrit saṃbhārayati, he causes to be brought together : sam, together; see Sanskrit + bharati, he carries, brings; see bher- in Indo-European roots.]


(Cookery) a spicy Malaysian condiment
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The menu spans from Mexico to Indonesia: shrimp cocktail with pineapple, jicama, mint, and ginger sambal; plantain fries served with a "Chino Latino" ketchup spiced with sambal oelek and smoky chipotle chiles; and the main event, roast chicken with Sichuan peppercorns and rich, crisp curls of Mexican chicharrones.
Chapters begin with base recipes for food staples like stone fruits, pork, and corn; as heavy as these recipes are, they are just warm-ups for the maestro restaurateur as he crafts increasingly complex dishes, easily riffing to transform classics with global flavors, techniques, and unexpected ingredients like pea tendrils, beet powder, and sambal oelek.
In a small bowl, stir together the sweet chilli sauce, sambal oelek and mustard.
Steamed salmon and veg rice bowl SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 200g brown rice 100g green beans 200g pak choi, chopped into chunky pieces 4 x 100g salmon fillets FOR THE DRESSING: 4tbsp sweet soy sauce (kecap manis) Juice 3 limes 2tbsp sambal oelek (chopped chilli in a jar) or 1 red chilli, deseeded and chopped 1tbsp rice vinegar 1tbsp golden caster sugar TO SERVE: 4 spring onions, finely chopped 4tbsp mixed seeds (I used pumpkin, sesame and sunflower) Pickled ginger, chopped (optional) METHOD: 1 In a small bowl, mix together the dressing ingredients, then set aside.
By the time I moved to the non- vegetarian part of the menu, I was struck by the originality of the spicing: Grilled Chicken with Citrus Tamarind Glaze ( ` 350) -- a delicate balance of sweet and tart; Indonesian Grilled Chicken with Avocado Salsa ( ` 450) -- the marinade is sambal oelek; Spiced Yoghurt Fish with Vermicilli Crusted Tofu ( ` 550) -- the blend of yoghurt and chilli hot sriracha sauce ( both balancing each other) gave the silken red snapper an inviting character; and the Grilled Thai Prawns ( ` 550) arrive with tempting streaks of green lent by the corianderscallion infusion.
And if this not hot enough for you Laksa can be served "with a side dish of chile paste called sambal oelek and a slice of fragrant musk lime, or limau kesturi.
Among other main dishes are cod in banana leaves served with coconut curry and--another of our favourites--roasted duck magret in Thai chili sauce with red curry paste, Sambal Oelek and ginger.
sambal oelek or sriracha chile sauce Buy 'ahi blocks at the supermarket or your favorite fish market.