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A spicy condiment used especially in Indonesia and Malaysia, made with chili peppers and other ingredients, such as sugar or coconut.

[Malay, from Tamil sambhar, from Prakrit saṃbhārei, he gathers, from Sanskrit saṃbhārayati, he causes to be brought together : sam, together; see Sanskrit + bharati, he carries, brings; see bher- in Indo-European roots.]


(Cookery) a spicy Malaysian condiment
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We tilled the land, raised crops and planted trees,' said Cosme, a member of an Aeta organization called Lakas (Lubos na Alyansa ng mga Katutubong Ayta ng Sambales).
Slashing the budget of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) will cripple the titling of ancestral lands to which indigenous peoples ('lumad') are entitled, according to Lakas at Alyansa ng Nagkakaisang Ayta ng Sambales (Lakas).