n.1.(Zool.) Same as Sambur.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But her readings in Huddersfield will centre on poems about Samboo, an African slave boy who comes to England and is buried at Sunderland Point, near Lancaster.
filamentosus had not occurred prior to the present study because of the belief that the fish were ciguatoxic (Samboo and Mauree, 1987), and consequently the population remained in a virgin state.
Technical Solutions (HATS), Minneapolis, a provider of high availability software solutions that provide 99.999 percent uptime for applications and data and backup/recovery solutions, has reported that the company's South Korean-based reseller, SamBoo System Corporation, expects to supply Samsung Electronics with 1,000 licenses in 2002 for HATS' H.A.
About Samsung Electronics and SamBoo System Corporation
SEOUL The doors have been slammed shut on Samboo Finance Entertainment following its founder's sentencing in mid-January to five years in prison for embezzling funds from the parent company.
He was convicted of embezzling 111.6 billion won ($93 million) from depositors of Samboo Finance since its establishment in 1996.
mahsena 222 O Our study 222 O Our study, [L.sub.[infinity]] 52 cm -- L Bautil and Samboo, (1988) -- L Dalzell et al.
mahsena, constraining [L.sub.[infinity]] to a level in keeping with the maximum length found in catches resulted in estimates of K comparable to those estimated by Bautil and Samboo (1988).
A Cinema Service presentation of a Taewon Entertainment production, in association with Kookmin Venture Capital, Samboo Finance Entertainment and FoxVideo Korea.
New players such as Samboo Finance, Ilshin Investment, Mirae Asset Investment, Kookmin Venture Capital and KDB Capital are pumping millions of dollars into local films and bringing a hard-nosed approach to the biz.
SEOUL With plans to invest $25 million during the next five years and a budget of $8.3 million for local productions and acquisitions through the rest of this year, Samboo Finance Entertainment is emerging as the latest power player in the restructuring of the South Korean film industry.