Samolus floribundus

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Noun1.Samolus floribundus - American water pimpernel
water pimpernel - a white-flowered aquatic plant of the genus Samolus
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parviflorus (Raf.) Hulten; SYN: Samolus floribundus Kunth, Samolus parviflorus Raf.; Water Pimpernel, Brookweed, Seaside Brookweed; Floodplain woods around boat launch; Infrequent; C = 5; BSUH 16760.
Samolus floribundus HBK.: Water Pimpernel; infrequent; along stream at river; BSUH 12394.
Species growing in the creeks before they dry are Cardamine pen sylvanica and Samolus floribundus in West Ginn Run just south of the alluvial plain and Cardamine rhomboidea in East Ginn Run north of East Meadow.