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 (sā′mŏs′, săm′ōs, sä′môs)
An island of eastern Greece in the Aegean Sea off the western coast of Turkey. First inhabited in the Bronze Age, it was later colonized by Ionian Greeks and became an important commercial and maritime power in the sixth century bc. Controlled in turn by Persia, Athens, Sparta, Rome, Byzantium, and the Ottoman Empire, the island became part of modern-day Greece in 1913.
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(Placename) a Greek island in the E Aegean Sea, off the SW coast of Turkey: a leading commercial centre of ancient Greece. Pop: 33 809 (2001). Area: 492 sq km (190 sq miles)
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(ˈseɪ mɒs, ˈsæm oʊs)

a Greek island in the E Aegean. 41,709; 194 sq. mi. (502 sq. km).
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The Antisseans also, having taken in those who were banished from Chios, afterwards did the same thing; and also the Zancleans, after having taken in the people of Samos. The Appolloniats, in the Euxine Sea, having admitted their sojourners to the freedom of their city, were troubled with seditions: and the Syracusians, after the expulsion of their tyrants, having enrolled [1303b] strangers and mercenaries amongst their citizens, quarrelled with each other and came to an open rupture: and the people of Amphipolis, having taken in a colony of Chalcidians, were the greater part of them driven out of the city by them.
Sardis, the capital of Lydia; Samos, a Greek island; Mesembria, an ancient colony in Thrace; and Cotiaeum, the chief city of a province of Phrygia, contend for the distinction of being the birthplace of Aesop.
Find me a ship, therefore, with a crew of twenty men, and I will lie in wait for him in the straits between Ithaca and Samos; he will then rue the day that he set out to try and get news of his father."
Now there is a rocky islet called Asteris, of no great size, in mid channel between Ithaca and Samos, and there is a harbour on either side of it where a ship can lie.
Paul landed after he sailed from Samos. I landed at precisely the same spot where St.
As when by night the Glass Of GALILEO, less assur'd, observes Imagind Lands and Regions in the Moon: Or Pilot from amidst the CYCLADES DELOS or SAMOS first appeering kenns A cloudy spot.
Ulysses led the brave Cephallenians, who held Ithaca, Neritum with its forests, Crocylea, rugged Aegilips, Samos and Zacynthus, with the mainland also that was over against the islands.
This race looks an easier prospect and Prince Samos should have too much class for his rivals.
Racing prominently throughout, Prince Samos put up a decent performance and is unlikely to face rivals of the same calibre in the Guinness Meadian Auction Maiden Stakes.
Animal Care Samos is a charity that aims to improve animal welfare and implement public health programmes.
Aircraft will carry 16,000 passengers to various destinations in Greece, Alexandroupoli, Santorini, Mykonos, Kavala, Corfu, Skiathos, Samos and Rhodes.