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A city of northern Turkey northeast of Ankara on Samsun Bay, an inlet of the Black Sea. In ancient times Samsun was an important Greek colony.


(Turkish ˈsɑmsun)
(Placename) a port in N Turkey, on the Black Sea. Pop: 395 000 (2005 est). Ancient name: Amisus



a city in N Turkey, in Asia. 326,900.
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H and the N-carrying chromosome in Holmes Samsoun (Gerstel and Burk, 1960), and this line is believed to have been the ultimate source of TMV resistance used in all tobacco breeding in the USA (Valleau, 1952; Wernsman, 1992).
glutinosa chromosome present in the chromosome substitution line Holmes Samsoun.
The initial transfer of the N gene in the development of Holmes Samsoun reportedly occurred by replacing chromosome H of the N.
A total of 160 AFLP primer combinations (LI-COR, Lincoln, Nebraska) were screened for their ability to reveal polymorphism between DNA from Holmes Samsoun and a bulk of DNA from TM[V.
Markers present for Holmes Samsoun but absent for the TM[V.
On 7 April, the bodies of Pentecostal pastor Babar Samsoun and his driver Daniel Emmanuel were found on a roadside near Peshawar.