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Noun1.Samuel Adams - American Revolutionary leader and patriotSamuel Adams - American Revolutionary leader and patriot; an organizer of the Boston Tea Party and signer of the Declaration of Independence (1722-1803)
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Nicholas Samuel Adams, 47, of Bridgewater Grange, Preston Brook, Runcorn, flew into a rage on January 10 last year as an ongoing parking dispute about who should park where boiled over.
Samuel Adams and JetBlue teamed up last month to bring craft beer to new heights.
As a result, beer lovers will be able to enjoy Rebel Raw within days after it leaves Samuel Adams Brewery.
It will be available alone, or in the Samuel Adams Winter Classics Variety 12-Pack (with Boston Lager, White Christmas, Old Fezziwig, Holiday Porter and Sparkling Ale).
'Our total company depletion trends of 6% in the third quarter of 2015 matched our year to date trends but represent a slowing from our expectations, primarily as a result of weakness in our Samuel Adams brand due to increased competition and a slowing in the cider category." said company chairman Jim Koch.
America's oldest time capsule, buried by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams on the site of the Massachusetts State House 20 years after the Revolutionary War, is headed back to its home at the Capitol after three months on display at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts.
The Broomfield couple's aim of getting Flapjacked to "more stores, more consumers and more mouths," got a boost in mid-May when they won the regional "Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream" business pitch contest held at Mi Casa Resource Center in Denver.
The brewers of Samuel Adams and the chocolate makers of TCHO have teamed up to create the Love of Beer Chocolate Box featuring simple, delicious pairing of two classics-Samuel Adams Boston Lager and THCO PureNotes Dark Chocolate.
Samuel Adams, the popular lager brand brewed by the Boston Brewing Company (NYSE:SAM), is being attacked on Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube over a Fourth of July holiday-themed commercial in which an actor recited an excerpt from the ( Declaration of Independence .
Samuel Adams, hardly a leveler, saw an opportunity to use this local leadership to his advantage.
Narrator C: One evening in December 1772, at his home in Boston, Samuel Adams talks with a visitor--his cousin John.
The votes are in for the Samuel Adams' sixth annual Beer Lover's Choice contest and drinkers nationwide selected Samuel Adams Revolutionary Rye to join the Samuel Adams American Originals Variety Pack, available January 2011.