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Noun1.Samuel Taylor Coleridge - English romantic poet (1772-1834)Samuel Taylor Coleridge - English romantic poet (1772-1834)  
lake poets - English poets at the beginning of the 19th century who lived in the Lake District and were inspired by it
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All the greatest of these writers were poets, wholly or in part, and they fall roughly into two groups: first, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Robert Southey, and Walter Scott; and second, about twenty years younger, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and John Keats.
SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE. The poets Wordsworth and Coleridge are of special interest not only from the primary fact that they are among the greatest of English authors, but also secondarily because in spite of their close personal association each expresses one of the two main contrasting or complementary tendencies in the Romantic movement; Coleridge the delight in wonder and mystery, which he has the power to express with marvelous poetic suggestiveness, and Wordsworth, in an extreme degree, the belief in the simple and quiet forces, both of human life and of Nature.
1816 - Poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridge published by John Murray in London, including Kubla Khan and Christabel.
A Samuel Taylor Coleridge B Francis Turner Palgrave C William Wordsworth D John Clare
IN OCTOBER I797 SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE WROTE TO HIS FRIEND Thomas Poole about how his childhood reading shaped his understanding of the imagination and the limits of empiricism.
Lamb argues that a culture of scurvy arose in the colony of Australia, which was prey to the disease in its early years, and identifies a literature of scurvy in the works of such figures as Herman Melville, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Francis Bacon, and Jonathan Swift.
| 1772: Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (The Ancient Mariner, Kubla Khan) was born in Ottery St Mary, Devon.
A Robert Burns B William Blake C William Wordsworth D Samuel Taylor Coleridge 13.
he time when poets were as revered and famous as today's rock stars is long gone, but the legacy of Samuel Taylor Coleridge remains.
Until only 70 years ago poets such as Edgar Alan Poe, WB Yeats, John Keats, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Thomas Hardy were as famous as Ed Sheeran is today - and possibly more so.
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