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 (săm′yo͞o-əl-sən, -yo͝ol-sən), Joan Benoit


, Paul Anthony 1915-2009.
American economist who wrote the classic textbook Economics (1948) and advised Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. He won the 1970 Nobel Prize for improving the analytical methods used in economic theory.


(ˈsæm yu əl sən, -yəl-)
Paul A(nthony), born 1915, U.S. economist: Nobel prize 1970.
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In 1962, Samuelson derived a Walrasian-like production function by creating an index for capital from the many equations that capture the technique of production of firms that populate the economy (Samuelson, 1966, V.
Paul Anthony Samuelson nacio en Gary, Indiana, Estados Unidos, el 15 de mayo de 1915, en plena primera guerra mundial.
The stock market, noted Paul Samuelson in the 1960s, had predicted nine out of the last five recessions.
The seaside town is the birth place of director GB Samuelson, who made the first film portrayal of the legendary sleuth.
Galbraith pere stands in here for a raft of postwar Keynesians whose names appear in the book only briefly, especially Paul Samuelson (no relation to the author), James Tobin, and Robert Solow--all Nobel Prize winners, and the real architects of the Keynesian consensus of those years.
Samuelson (no relation to Paul Anthony Samuelson of MIT) is an economics columnist for the Washington Post and Newsweek.
Northwest Youth Services has also made the addition of Sonya Samuelson as donor and community relations manager.
Jacob Samuelson Jan Voight Jonathan Samuelson Trent Ford Emily Hudson Tamara Hope John D.
of Kansas) and Samuelson (emeritus, economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) collect 16 interviews with prominent economists that were first published in the Cambridge U.
NASDAQ: MOVE) announced that Errol Samuelson has been promoted to president of Realtor.
On a hot July day in 1922, Ralph Samuelson convinced his brother Ben to pull him up out of the wasters of the Mississippi River and into sports history.