San Gabriel Mountains

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San Ga·bri·el Mountains

 (săn gā′brē-əl)
A mountain range of southern California east and northeast of Los Angeles. It rises to 3,068 m (10,064 ft) at Mount Baldy.
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Kasten also assured fans that the park's iconic view of the San Gabriel Mountains beyond the outfield fences won't be affected in the slightest.
On a clear day you can see from Malibu to the San Gabriel Mountains.
This collection of new single-family homes in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Sagecrest is convenient to Interstates 5 and 210 and California State Route 118 for commuting throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties.
When the skies are clear, the view of the San Gabriel mountains is magnificent.
It's risking everything for no reason." Well, there are the "likes." --Los Angeles Times/TNS "People will post videos of themselves jumping off Hermit Falls or the Malibu rock pool, and they post it in the springtime when there's a decent amount of water, but now, the water is a lot less, so what used to be a 10-foot pool is now a 5-foot pool" --Michael Leum, in-charge Sheriff Department's Search and Rescue teams SLIPPERY ROCK: A boy plays on slippery rock at Hermit Falls in the San Gabriel Mountains. DECEPTIVE: A boy struggles to hang on as he is about to slip into the water on a slippery rock at Hermit Falls in the San Gabriel Mountains.
The villas will be built on a 24-acre property (equivalent to 9.7 hectares) and will be part of the Imperial Heights Estates, a gated luxury residential development in the San Gabriel Mountains, San Bernardino County.
Recently, three of us went for a hike to a place called Smith Mountain up in the San Gabriel Mountains. We started under a dreary May Grey, but as we drove up, we broke out into the sunshine.
in Monrovia, a city located in the foothills of Los Angeles' San Gabriel Mountains. The Norumbega Fire was estimated to be about five acres but was quickly contained.
Big Bear is isolated--at least by Southern California standards--high in the San Gabriel Mountains, full of trees, and not bad off in terms of light pollution.
A far cry from Ebbets Field, the intimate home of the Brooklyn Dodgers in the highly urban neighborhood of Flatbush, Dodger Stadium is nestled just north of downtown, providing fans with a stunning view of the San Gabriel Mountains to the north.
For part of the 1990s, Cohen lived in a Zen Buddhist monastery in the San Gabriel Mountains just outside Los Angeles, where he handled tasks as menial as cleaning toilets.

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