San Joaquin

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San Joa•quin

(ˌsæn wɒˈkin)
a river in California, flowing NW from the Sierra Nevada to the Sacramento River. 350 mi. (560 km) long.
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Hours afterward, in the fires of sunset, where the Sacramento and the San Joaquin tumble their muddy floods together, I took the New York Cut-Off, skimmed across the smooth land-locked water past Black Diamond, on into the San Joaquin, and on to Antioch, where, somewhat sobered and magnificently hungry, I laid alongside a big potato sloop that had a familiar rig.
Ole Ericsen verified Charley's conjecture that the Mary Rebecca, as soon as launched, would run up the San Joaquin River nearly to Stockton for a load of wheat.
To the left was the mouth of the Sacramento River, to the right the mouth of the San Joaquin.
It all happened in a flash, for the next minute Antioch was behind and we were heeling it up the San Joaquin toward Merryweather, six miles away.
Our goal is to help state and federal decision makers to reposition the San Joaquin Valley as a significant contributor to the California economy.
18 after 19 years in prison on convictions for eight rapes and six burglaries committed over four months in 1979 in San Joaquin County.
to jointly develop Daybreak's 50% interest in their Eastslopes Project, located in the San Joaquin Valley of California.
The buses connect with Amtrak's San Joaquin trains in Bakersfield for the trip north through the Central Valley to the San Francisco and Oakland area.
NasdaqNM:FCEL), a leading manufacturer of efficient electric power plants for commercial and industrial customers, today announced it will supply an ultra-clean power plant that will run on a renewable supply of fuel from dairy-processing waste, generating electricity to run a municipal wastewater treatment plant serving California's San Joaquin Valley region.
Environmental Protection Agency had planned to ``bump up'' the eastern Kern County region from a ``serious'' air quality designation to a ``severe'' designation, along with the San Joaquin Valley planning area of which it is part.
Cogent Systems (Nasdaq:COGT) today announced it has received contracts for its Automatic Fingerprint/Palmprint Identification System (AFIS) in Sonoma County, its Livescan systems in Contra Costa County and a follow-on order from San Joaquin County.
18 after serving approximately 22 years on a conviction for eight home invasion rapes and six burglaries in a four-month period around San Joaquin County.

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