San Joaquin River

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San Joa·quin River

 (săn wô-kēn′, wä-)
A river of central California, rising in the Sierra Nevada and flowing about 560 km (350 mi) west and northwest to form a delta with the Sacramento River near San Francisco Bay. The San Joaquin Valley is an irrigated agricultural region.
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Noun1.San Joaquin River - a river in central California that rises in the Sierra Nevada and flows northwest to form a large delta with the Sacramento River
Calif., California, Golden State, CA - a state in the western United States on the Pacific; the 3rd largest state; known for earthquakes
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On Sunday, April 7, 2019, while crews were searching the area, they were advised a fisherman located a body in the San Joaquin River," the release stated.
1: Streamflow availability rating for recharge (STARR) for the Sacramento River Basin, San Joaquin River Basin and Tulare Lake Basin during December to February (A), November to April (B) and the hydrologic year (C).
About half would swim up the Sacramento and the rest up the San Joaquin river to the south.
Something told my father that here was the place he would lay down that battered body one last time, his bits of bone and cinders spread on a current that starts as snow somewhere in the Sierras, gathers its power through canyons and gravity, pours like an artery of creation through meadows near the place of his birth, then crosses the Central Valley with its thirst and fertility, is dammed and held captive, joins the San Joaquin River, is dammed again and finally, weakened in volume but not memory, flows on to the Bay, and the Pacific Ocean, entering that mother of a story.
121.313[degrees] W) on the lower San Joaquin River located approximately 1.5 km downstream from Mossdale, CA.
Located on the San Joaquin River, Stockton is one of the busiest inland ports in the country responsible for handling a high volume of both domestic and international distribution.
It transports water from Millerton Lake, a reservoir on the San Joaquin River north of Fresno, to the Kern River.
The animals included many emaciated and dehydrated pups along with a young sea lion that was spotted in March hopping through an almond orchard a mile from the San Joaquin River in Central California.
Reclaimed water is applied to 334 acres of agricultural land on Jersey Island and discharged into the San Joaquin River. For more information, visit
There, in about a foot of water, they spied something that had vanished from the San Joaquin River in California more than 60 years ago: a spawning chinook salmon.
This collection of personal narratives about life on and around the San Joaquin River in central California examines the relationships between people and place and documents the natural history and cultural evolution of the area throughout the twentieth century.
Joell Hallowell and Coke Hallowell's TAKE ME TO THE RIVER: FISHING, SWIMMING, AND DREAMING ON THE SAN JOAQUIN (9781597141437, $21.95) offers a fine memoir of California's San Joaquin River, surveying a vanishing way of life as the river's changed.

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