San Rafael

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San Ra·fael

 (săn rə-fĕl′)
A city of northern California north-northwest of San Francisco. It was founded as a Spanish mission in 1817.
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He could not hope for a meal at Ruth's, for she was away to San Rafael on a two weeks' visit; and for very shame's sake he could not go to his sister's.
The exchange was made, and the salmon boat got up its spritsail and headed down the bay toward the marshes off San Rafael. I ran up the jib and followed with the Reindeer.
"I was commanded to bring these prisoners into San Rafael," was my reply.
The spirit of the Chinese was broken, and so docile did they become that ere we made San Rafael they were out with the tow-rope, Yellow Handkerchief at the head of the line.
of latitude, or 1230 miles, nearer the pole than the Laguna de San Rafael. The position of the glaciers at this place and in the Gulf of Penas may be put even in a more striking point of view, for they descend to the sea-coast within 7.5 degs.
In a statement, DPWH said that most of the damaged structures are located in Barangay San Rafael (P103.36 million, 269 totally and partially-damaged structures).
San Rafael got the most number of damaged structures amounting to PHP103.36 million, mostly houses (258) worth PHP41.97 million and 11 public buildings worth PHP57.88 million, according to the DPWH.
In April 2013, members of the local community in San Rafael Las Flores, Santa Rosa, in Guatemala, were engaged in protests at the Escobal Mine, owned by Minera San Rafael, regarding the issue of prior community consultation.On April 27, 2013, the mine's security guards, headed by the chief of security, Alberto Rotondo, shot at protesters who had gathered on the public road outside the gates of the mine.
Since April of 2018 the two agencies have operated under separate names at their shared location in San Rafael.
A section of the eastern San Rafael quarry is no longer viable for mining and will be restored through a four-year process as part of a state requirement of the Dutra Group, which owns the business.
Summary: Lima [Peru], Jan 26 (ANI): Around 10 people have been killed and 30 have sustained injuries after a bus fell into a river near the San Rafael district in the Ambo Province on Friday (local time).
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