a.1.Of, pertaining to, or giving, sanction.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Through civil lawsuit, justice duties are fulfilled, defining both its teaching and sanctionary roles.
Consequently, a sanctionary function is not in the essence of the socio-educative measure, specifically the detention.
As it can be seen, there is no mention that the measure has a sanctionary aspect.
"One of the things we are pushing for is that the sanctionary process is unsatisfactory."
"One of the things we're pushing for is that the sanctionary process is unsatisfactory."
5/2000, which is none other than for the minor offenders to accept responsibility for their deeds, through sanctionary and educational measures.
The jurisprudence of ECHR sustains that, even if the right to die is not a component of the right to life, at least not in the meaning of article 2 from the Convention, it does not restrain the states to decide the sanctionary regime that they will apply to these acts.
On the other hand, India is quietly sewing up nuclear power and fuel deals with Russia and France, because market conditions, liability requirements and sanctionary fears make tie ups with US private firms distant at this point.
The three institutionally based forms of power, considered exogenous in their model, are legitimate power, sanctionary power, and institutional support.