Sand bag

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A bag filled with sand or earth, used for various purposes, as in fortification, for ballast, etc.
A long bag filled with sand, used as a club by assassins.

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About the only thing that had not been demolished was a machine gun which had been protected by sand bags.
Family members and villagers, with the assistance of local police, recovered the body, packed in a sand bag from a guava orchard after searching for 12 hours.
Fans cheered for their contenders, providing a boost as they went through the Conan's Wheel (lifting and carrying a 180kg bar on a rotating platform), sand bag lifting (taking sand bags off a box and placing it on high stands), giant wheel tyre flipping (120kg tyre down a 25m course), Farmer's Walk (lifting 120kg in each arm and walk for 25m) and truck pulling (6-tonne truck for 25m).
Some problems in the logistics caused several difficulties in getting each 20-30kg sand bag down onto the beach, but 7.30am marked the final completion.
A DRUNK driver who tried to get away from the police ended up beaching his car - on top of a builder's sand bag at the side of the road.
This can be accomplished with a sand bag under the forearm and a sand bag under the buttstock, if the rear bag can be "molded" to position the gun.
Typically, sand bag trench breakers are erected to prevent soil erosion in mountain areas.While they perform the job well, this type of construction is back-breaking, man-hour intensive and can prove difficult, with delays often occurring.
Once secured to the forearm, the Asset can be used at the range in conjunction with a standard 3 1/2 inch sand bag, or any reasonable sand bag for that matter.
Air Force aircraft dropped a sand bag in a civilian area near the city of Machida, western Tokyo, during a drill Wednesday, the Defense Facilities Administration Agency said Friday.
Having passed a variety of gruelling tests over the past month, tomorrow the eight finalists will go through five challenges: Conan's Wheel: Contestants must lift and carry a 180kg bar on a rotating platform, Sand Bag Lifting: Take sand bags off a box and place them on high stands, Giant Wheel Tyre Flipping: Flip a 120kg tyre down a 25m course, Farmer's Walk: Lift 120kg in each arm and walk for 25m, Truck Pulling: Pull a 6-tonne truck for 25m.
However, by the time the CBI team and the forensic experts reached the spot, the water had crossed the sand bag barricading and despite futile attempts, the CBI stopped its operation in the evening.
* SAND BAG: Greenhead Park activities officer Chris Smith, left, with, from left, Jane Weldon, Andy Skeldon, Stevo Willams (lorry driver) and Shelton Wilmoth, back, of Myers Group business Naylor Myers, and mascot Big G, Danny Scott, Robbie Hunter-Paul and Tommy Lee, of Huddersfield Giants (JH080812Dsand)