Sand bed

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a thick layer of sand, whether deposited naturally or artificially; specifically, a thick layer of sand into which molten metal is run in casting, or from a reducing furnace.

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Fluid Bed Sand Coolers: Carrier's patented fluidizing drilled decks evenly distribute air into the sand bed, preventing hole pluggage and maximizing thermal efficiency.
Created by The Gharieni Group, the quartz sand bed treatment offers spa goers the chance to experience something truly special.
When waves break along the shoreline, the water beneath the surface can swirl in circles and form oscillating flows that disrupt the sand and create indentations in the sand bed. These patterns in the sand can sometimes be preserved for long periods of time, such as when the water level abruptly recedes and the sand quickly dries out and hardens, or when finer sediment such as mud or silt covers the sand and shields it from erosion.
The body weight changes (g) were calculated as initial body weight (before hibernation) minus final body weight (after hibernation), and then ANCOVA (Analysis of Covariance) was used to evaluate the effects of water depth and sand bed, using the initial body weight as a covariant.
To simulate and prove this, they slid blocks of dry ice onto a sand bed on the low humidity chamber, which they built, mimicking the conditions found on Mars.
This pipe is made out of high-grade crack resistant PE 100-RC material, which makes a sand bed around the pipe during the installation unnecessary.
If you don't want anything too permanent, use a sand bed.
Later on, the analysis of regime theory for sand bed and banks, sand bed and cohesive banks, cohesive bed and banks, coarse non-cohesive material and sand bed and cohesive banks with heavy sediment load of 2000-8000 ppm was made [14-15].After regime theory a concept based on the application of the principle of a limiting tractive force for a boundary of any given material under non scouring conditions was introduced [16-17].
As part of its ongoing research to study the effects of sand mining at different locations, the committee has selected 18 sand bed sites in Ganga, out of which nearly 160 major sand beds are in various rivers.
This new, therapeutic sand bed, created by German wellness expert, Gharieni, is based on the ancient Greek concept of 'psammotherapy', which uses heated sand to alleviate painful conditions.
It is known [3, 4] that oscillatory liquid flow near the flat sand bed provokes the onset of regular patterns in the form of ripples perpendicular to the axis of oscillation.