Sand bed

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a thick layer of sand, whether deposited naturally or artificially; specifically, a thick layer of sand into which molten metal is run in casting, or from a reducing furnace.

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Pipes should be mounted on a 10 cm thick sand bed to ensure that the pipes are tightly lying on the bottom of the trench.
Results showed that providing a suitable sand bed during hibernation have a significant effect on turtle health (P< 0.
To simulate and prove this, they slid blocks of dry ice onto a sand bed on the low humidity chamber, which they built, mimicking the conditions found on Mars.
By sliding dry ice blocks onto the sand bed in the low humidity chamber, the group showed that stationary blocks could erode negative topography in the form of pits and deposit lateral levees.
This pipe is made out of high-grade crack resistant PE 100-RC material, which makes a sand bed around the pipe during the installation unnecessary.
If you don't want anything too permanent, use a sand bed.
Later on, the analysis of regime theory for sand bed and banks, sand bed and cohesive banks, cohesive bed and banks, coarse non-cohesive material and sand bed and cohesive banks with heavy sediment load of 2000-8000 ppm was made [14-15].
As part of its ongoing research to study the effects of sand mining at different locations, the committee has selected 18 sand bed sites in Ganga, out of which nearly 160 major sand beds are in various rivers.
Thus, at first they worked on circular foundation analysis and numeric patterning settled on sand bed in enriched states with geocell element and without it and then square foundation numeric patterning and analysis in adequate situations for comparison of results and the best reinforcement method by geocell elements and numeric patterning of square foundation settled on sand bed in the same situation with circular foundation.
Stringent policies placing a ban on excavating sand bed is encouraged the use of other alternatives to sand, like crushed gravel and concrete mixture.
If there are significant thermal gradients within the sand bed, the sand could be processed very differently, leading to non-uniform and inconsistent results.
The basin looks more like a sand bed, due to the accumulation of the sand deposits over the years, and the investors are asking that it be restored to its original state.