Sand drift

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drifting sand; also, a mound or bank of drifted sand.

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has added Sand Drift and Brushed Aluminum patterns to its Sterling Collection of Acrylite acrylic sheet.
Over there is a lost city of Arabia, partially buried in a sand drift.
GelPro also expanded the color palette for the popular Ostrich fabric with the addition of Sand Drift, a classic, warm beige tone reminiscent of a sandy beach and Riverbed Grey, a striking, warm grey with hints of yellow similar in tint to traditional pottery clay.
The eco-friendly system, is expected to reduce sand drift into the channel between Manasota Key and Knight Island as well as assist in stabilizing a portion of the Stump Pass State Park Beach.
The works complement recent coastal protection works undertaken by DELWP between St Leonards pier including a beach renourishment, anchoring timber groyne to capture net sand drift from the beach renourishment, coastal erosion protection works either side of the timber groyne.
During the 20th Century, the dunes on both sides of the border became strongly degraded as a result urbanisation, water extraction, recreational use, the fixation of sand drift, invasion by alien species, intensification of agriculture in the transitions between dunes and polders, and the decline of traditional agro-pastoral activities on the remaining dune area, resulting in scrub encroachment.
non-linear, could solve how much sand drifts between them?