Sand drift

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drifting sand; also, a mound or bank of drifted sand.

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These different viewpoints create a vivid saga of tribal leaders and jungle encounters with cats and expeditions via camel that dose impressions with unexpected moments of humor ("An hour later we passed the bleached bones of a camel skeleton poking from a sand drift. I pointed them out to my stubborn camel.
Dune Distribution, Classification, and Sand Drift Potential along the North American Great Lakes.
The sand drift zone was partially transformed into a sand deposition zone which expanded outward towards the northeast in the sand deposition zone.
Cyro Industries, a subsidiary of Degussa based in Rockaway, N.J., has added Sand Drift and Brushed Aluminum patterns to its Sterling Collection of Acrylite acrylic sheet.
Kuwait's Army General Staff KUWAIT, Nov 11 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's Army General Staff on Sunday called on citizens and residents of desert campers to take extra precaution and refrain from touching any strange objects that may appear following the sand drift due to the heavy rains that hit country, which might be dangerous military waste.
Cars were covered, drives layered in sand drifts and road markings around the beach area were submerged under a sandy blanket.
non-linear, could solve how much sand drifts between them?
In New Jersey, Christie took a helicopter tour of devastation on Tuesday along the shore, where boats were adrift, boardwalks were washed away and roads were blocked by massive sand drifts. He stopped in the badly damaged resort towns of Belmar and Avalon.