Sand lark

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(Zool.) A small lark (Alaudala raytal), native of India
A small sandpiper, or plover, as the ringneck, the sanderling, and the common European sandpiper
The Australian red-capped dotterel (Ægialophilus ruficapillus); - called also red-necked plover.

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Bill O'Sullivan (1856-1931) won the 1906 Irish Cup with Cissie's Fancy, whose granddam Sand Lark was another of Farrenpierce's litter-sisters.
SAND LARKS: Action from Barmouth (left to right) Tino Rizzi from Denbigh on his Yamaha 250cc, Barry Edwards of Bala in the experts on his Suzuki 250cc, Chris Ellis of Bala in the beginners class on his Honda 500 cc and Jason Thomas of Machynlleth takes to the air on his 125 cc Suzuki.