Sand smelt

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(Zool.) a silverside.
(Zool.) the silverside.

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But you'll also hear them called sperling, sand smelt, capelin and green smelt, depending on where you're fishing.
poultry by-product meal (Yang et al., 2006), gambusia meal (Ahmad, 2008), tuna liver meal (Gumus et al., 2009) and sand smelt meal (Gumus et al., 2010).
(2010) stated that sand smelt meal (SSM), among other sources of animal origin, is a rich protein source.
Sand smelt meal (SSM) was from the same source and prepared as in the Nile tilapia fry study (Gumus et al., 2010).
And in the interest of readers a platter of seafood for two containing a selection of baby kalmari, crispy shrimps, sand smelts (Osmeridae family) deep fried and tiny, and the ever mysterious Catch of the Day.