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 (săng′ər), Frederick 1918-2013.
British biochemist. He won a 1958 Nobel Prize for determining the order of amino acids in the insulin molecule and shared a 1980 Nobel Prize for developing a method for sequencing DNA molecules.

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Margaret Sanger
photographed c. 1922


, Margaret Higgins 1879-1966.
American nurse who campaigned widely for birth control and founded (1921) the organization that became the Planned Parenthood Federation (1942).
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(Cookery) slang Austral a sandwich. Also called: sango


1. (Biography) Frederick. 1918–2013, English biochemist, who determined the molecular structure of insulin: awarded two Nobel prizes for chemistry (1958; 1980)
2. (Biography) Margaret (Higgins). 1883–1966, US leader of the birth-control movement
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(ˈsæŋ ər)

1. Frederick, born 1918, English biochemist: Nobel prize 1980.
2. Margaret Higgins, 1883–1966, U.S. social reformer and birth-control proponent.
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Noun1.Sanger - English biochemist who determined the sequence of amino acids in insulin and who invented a technique to determine the genetic sequence of an organism (born in 1918)
2.Sanger - United States nurse who campaigned for birth control and planned parenthoodSanger - United States nurse who campaigned for birth control and planned parenthood; she challenged Gregory Pincus to develop a birth control pill (1883-1966)
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By 1966, Sanger, her life's work complete, is institutionalized for dementia and dies at the age of 87.
The study used a library of parasite proteins that was generated using an approach developed at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute by Dr Gavin Wright and Dr Julian Rayner.
Marie Stopes, Margaret Sanger, and, famously, Adolph Hitler played crucial roles in the implementation of eugenic methods in their respective countries.
Fresh from winning an 'Outstanding Achievement in Editing' Oscar at last week's 86th Academy Awards, Mark Sanger -- the Editor of big budget Hollywood hit, Gravity -- touched down at CABSAT today and immediately lauded Dubai's case to be considered as a destination of choice for international broadcasters and the entertainment industry.
Biochemist Frederick Sanger is unique in being the only Briton to win two Nobel Prizes and the only scientist to win the Nobel prize for Chemistry twice.
Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger has hit out at social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter and accused them of profiteering at the expense of users' data by abetting "massive violations" of privacy and security.
The call to strike has been issued by Dr Larry Sanger - a co-founder of the Wikipedia online encyclopaedia.
In his call to action, Dr Sanger said the strike - from 4 to 5 July - would show the "massive demand" for change.
On the basis of information submitted by 38 States, Wood and Sanger have prepared a report analyzing the legislation and practice of member States of the Council of Europe and other States regarding immunities of members of special missions.
What Every Girl Should Know: Margaret Sanger's Journey.
By Carol Sanger. Cambridge and London: Harvard University Press.