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 (săng′ər), Frederick 1918-2013.
British biochemist. He won a 1958 Nobel Prize for determining the order of amino acids in the insulin molecule and shared a 1980 Nobel Prize for developing a method for sequencing DNA molecules.

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Margaret Sanger
photographed c. 1922


, Margaret Higgins 1879-1966.
American nurse who campaigned widely for birth control and founded (1921) the organization that became the Planned Parenthood Federation (1942).


(Cookery) slang Austral a sandwich. Also called: sango


1. (Biography) Frederick. 1918–2013, English biochemist, who determined the molecular structure of insulin: awarded two Nobel prizes for chemistry (1958; 1980)
2. (Biography) Margaret (Higgins). 1883–1966, US leader of the birth-control movement


(ˈsæŋ ər)

1. Frederick, born 1918, English biochemist: Nobel prize 1980.
2. Margaret Higgins, 1883–1966, U.S. social reformer and birth-control proponent.
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Noun1.Sanger - English biochemist who determined the sequence of amino acids in insulin and who invented a technique to determine the genetic sequence of an organism (born in 1918)
2.Sanger - United States nurse who campaigned for birth control and planned parenthoodSanger - United States nurse who campaigned for birth control and planned parenthood; she challenged Gregory Pincus to develop a birth control pill (1883-1966)
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Fred Sanger was a real hero of 21st century British science.
Frederick Sanger, a British biochemist whose discoveries about the chemistry of life led to the decoding of the human genome and to the development of new drugs like human growth hormone, earning him two Nobel Prizes, a distinction held by only three other scientists, died Tuesday in Cambridge, England.
In a behind the scenes interview published in MovieScope Magazine the Editor of Gravity, Mark Sanger says “Audeo supplied the hardware necessary to streamlive HD video from my Avid direct to a plasma screen elsewhere in the world”.
In Confront and Conceal, David Sanger, the chief Washington correspondent of The New York Times, examines President Obama's approach to US national security.
James "Hoss" Cartwright may be the target of a Stuxnet-related leak investigation by the Department of Justice, all journalistic eyes turned to David Sanger, chief Washington correspondent for the New York Times.
China repeated its own denunciations of such attacks and denied that its military is involved in wholesale cybertheft from US corporations and government agencies, report Mark Landler and David Sanger for the New York Times.
Gordon Clarke, 52, faces yet another prison term after again being found guilty of harassing John Ferraira, Lara Sanger and Graham Sanger in the house next door.
The reader should be aware of another personal bias, which is that Sanger is a friend even though he regularly beats the rest of us in breaking big stories.
Sanger, "Confront and Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 10, 2012--Wells Fargo names Stephen Sanger lead director(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
In 1914, the birth control advocate Margaret Sanger founded a magazine called The Woman Rebel as a forum to fight for legal contraception.
The arch, which would read 'Welcome to the Historic District of Cottage Grove,' has been discussed for more than 30 years, said Kristin Sanger, director of the city's community development corporation.