Sangre de Cristo

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San•gre de Cris•to

(ˈsæŋ gri də ˈkrɪs toʊ)
a mountain range in S Colorado and N New Mexico: a part of the Rocky Mountains. Highest peak, Blanca Peak, 14,390 ft. (4385 m).
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Taos Air (Taos) has cancelled its plans to open summer-season routes for 2019 and will, for now, focus only on its original raison d'A*tre, scheduled winter-season flights for inbound ski tourists flocking to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Taos News has reported.
Up to 18in (45cm) of snow were expected in the Sangre de Cristo mountains south of Denver, western Missouri and St Louis.
Almost 350 primary and vacation homes were evacuated in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains by the Costilla County Office of Emergency Management on Thursday and were offered shelters at the Blanca-Fort Garland Community Center.
It represents Blanca Peak, Colorado's third highest mountain, located in the Sangre de Cristo Range.
His favorite place in Colorado is the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, where he lived in Cotopaxi for his first few years here in Colorado.
Si los habeis recibido dignamente sois eso que habeis recibido>>30 e invita a los fieles a <<recibid y bebed la sangre de Cristo. No os desvinculeis, comed el vinculo que os une; no os estimeis en poco, bebed vuestro precio.
Instead of a way to forget, the landscape of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains helped her find a way to bear the remembering, and in it to find peace and meaning.
Pulled out of this blast-crater moment in her life by a friend, Browning is brought away from the insanity and deep into the snowy Sangre de Cristo Mountains where, standing in front of a herd of wild buffalo, she comes face to face with the terms we all must come to surrounding the loss we face in this life.
Synopsis: In the shadow of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico's Mora Valley harbors the ghosts of history: troubadours and soldiers, Plains Indians and settlers, families fleeing and finding home.