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(sæŋˈɡreɪl) or




(Bible) another name for the Holy Grail
[C15: from Old French Saint Graal. See saint, Holy Grail]
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Sheth also founded the Sheth Sangreal Foundation, which will completely look after the finance of the administrative costs of Earth Alliance.
More convincing is Anne Klaus's "'Real adventures weren't about Hogwarts and Muggles.' Intertextual References in Amanda Hemingway's Sangreal Trilogy" (175-185--case choice the author's), a YA series that, because the books make constant reference to earlier works of fantasy and fiction, Klaus interprets as metafictions.
Billi SanGreal is the youngest of the Knights Templar, the ancient order pledged to fight the forces of evil.
The many subjects of Barfield's marginalia are quite diverse, ranging from characters such as Nimue, Sir Tor, Sir Dinadan, and Sir Percivale; to interest in the historical and literary origins of the legend; to themes such as love triangles (involving Lancelot, Guinevere, and Eliane as well as Tristram, Isoud, and Palomides), adultery, and the quest for the Sangreal. Barfield also makes note of interesting words and details, such as raundon, pointling, bobaunce, the number of knights at the Round Table, and the historical location of Camelot in Winchester.
In the first book, Billi SanGreal becomes the firstever female Knight Templar, following the footsteps of her father.
(78) Exodus 34:5-7; mercy is emphatically denied to Jews in the "Perceval" section of Chretien's Sangreal: "the wicked Jews whom we should kill like dogs..
9.30 (640m Handicap): Market Adamas (M) (20), Blanket Blue (10), Miss Clarkson (M) (10), Sangreal (M) (7), Issheanissue (1), Bright Side (Scr).
Devil's Kiss by Sarwat Chadda, pounds 5.99pb (Puffin) BILLI SanGreal is the only girl in the Knights Templar, and the most feisty weapon wielding heroine around.
But for now (1859) Tennyson hesitated: "As to Macaulay's suggestion of the Sangreal, I doubt whether such a subject could be handled in these days, without incurring a charge of irreverence.
Listen out for the violin solo on Quodis Arcana, and the soaring crescendo to the finale on Chevaliers de Sangreal. Despite Zimmer's movie scores being so varied - including the likes of Gladiator, The Lion King, Hannibal and Black Hawk Down - he hardly ever fails to please.
An Old French equivalent of the Spanish Sangre de Cristo is sang real ("blood royal"), which term has been used to argue that the likely meaning of Sangreal and Sangraal, two older spellings of Saint Graal, is Holy Blood or Christ's Blood (Baigent 306, E.